April 14th Server Merge Announcement

2021-04-12 21:10:00
Dear Chosen One:
In order to provide you with a better experience and allow you to have more fun fighting with even more players, we will carry out a server merge!
Merge Time: April 14th 02:00 CDT onward. This process is expected to take around 120 minutes to complete.
Server Merge Scope: Sacred Realm and Angelic Pact will be merging.
Info: During the server merge period, the servers being merged will be suspended for maintenance. Please inform your allies and prepare to be disconnected in advance. If any delays are made to the expected maintenance completion time, you will be notified again. Please pay attention to our official announcements!
[Server Merge Event]
Merging servers will be able to partake in the limited-time Gift of the New World event. Log into the game every day to claim Destiny Tarot and loads of other incredible rewards via in-game mail! This event will last for 7 days.
[Server Merge Rules]
1. After the server merge is completed, your login server will remain unchanged, and you will still be able to log in from your original server (if your account has characters on multiple merged servers, you can log into server 1 to use server 1's character, and can log into server 2 to use server 2's character).
2. After the server merge is completed, if your character name is the same as that of another player, you'll gain a free chance to change your name. If the name of your guild is the same as that of another guild on the merged server, you will gain a free chance to change your guild name.
3. After the server merge is completed, rankings on each server will be recalculated according to the data of the merged servers.
4. After the server merge, cross-server friends will not be classified as same server friends. If your friend's server merges with yours, your friend will still be in the cross server friend list and will not be moved to the same server friend list.
5. In order to optimize server performance, after the server merge, we will delete characters and guilds that have been inactive for a long time. Please inform your allies in advance!
Deletion Rules: At the time of the server merge maintenance, characters not higher than Lv.6 who have not logged into the game for 60 consecutive days and have never recharged, will be deleted, and guilds with a guild level less than or equal to Lv.2, with 10 or less members online in the past 7 days will also be deleted.