New SSR Hero Calypso Joins the Battle on July 21st!

2021-07-19 01:22:12
This charming pirate knows that endless treasures lie at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Set sail with the Pirate Queen and let your new swashbuckling adventure begin!
A new hero is ready for battle! Water element Guardian SSR goddess Calypso now embarks toward a new horizon! Stirring up the turbulent waves of the high seas, she protects her allies and unleashes powerful control abilities to render her enemies unable to move, claiming victory in style!
Element: Water
Class: Guardian
Skill Preview:
Talent-Oceanic Drift
Before battle, inflicts [Freeze] on the enemy unit with the highest SPD.
Basic Attack-Wavebreaker
Deals physical damage equal to 100% of STR to a single enemy.
Super Skill-Brave Frontier
Grants all allies [Crushed Ice] and applies an additional stack of [Crushed Ice] to the specified target.                                                                                     
[Crushed Ice]: When casting active skills on enemies with [Frost Mark] or [Freeze], damage dealt increases by 25%. Lasts 2 turns. Cannot be dispelled. Stacks up to 3 times.
Ultimate-Perfect Storm
Deals physical damage equal to 140% of STR to all enemies. Has a 50% chance to inflict [Healing Prevention] and a 100% chance of inflicting [Healing Prevention] on the specified target.
Support-Overlord of the Frozen Seas
Gain 1 Energy when battle begins.
Grants all allies 1 stack of [Crushed Ice].
After casting this ability, gain 2 Energy.