New SSR Goddess Raphael Joins the Battle on September 15th!

2021-09-13 01:11:31
The Guardian of Eden has long awaited the arrival of a brave warrior. Upon meeting her, she knows at a glance you are the one who was destined to accompany her.
Pray for salvation, as Raphael, the new SSR goddess, makes her grand debut on September 15th! This Earth element Goddess provides amazing endurance, and when Raphael fights on the battlefield, she will greatly improve the speed and defense of your team, making you an unstoppable force.
Element: Earth
Class: Priest
Talent - Hymn of Eden
When Raphael is on the battlefield, all friendly units gain 30 SPD.
Basic - Penance
Deals magic damage equal to 100% of INT to a single enemy
Skill - Wings of the Utsusemi
Restores HP equal to 300% of INT to a single friendly unit and grants [Utsusemi].
[Utsusemi]: Evades physical damage/magic damage for 1 turn. Cannot be dispelled.
Ultimate - Angelic Healing
Restores HP equal to 120% of INT to all friendly units and grants 1 stack of [Regenerate].
Support - Heaven's Embrace
Gain 1 Energy when battle begins.
Restores HP equal to 80% of INT to all friendly units and grants 1 stack of [Regenerate].
After casting this ability, gain 2 Energy.
Ability upgrades when hero reaches 4 stars.