9/7 Maintenance Update Announcement

2022-09-06 20:09:55
Dear Chosen One:
On September 7th, in-game events will be updated in Goddess of Genesis S. The game servers will remain online during this update.
[Update Content] 
>> Limited-Time Summon:
Special Hero Summon - A Solemn Promise
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 20th 23:59(CDT)
Summon Details:  During the event period, you'll have an increased chance of summoning SSR hero Hades!
Special Hero Summon - Burning Soul Generals
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 20th 23:59(CDT)
Summon Details: During the event period, you'll have an increased chance of summoning SSR hero Medea & Nobunaga!
Special Hero Summon - Oblivion! The Seven Seas DemonSpecial Hero 
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 20th 23:59(CDT)
Summon Details: During the event period, you'll have an increased chance of summoning SSR hero Baal & Calypso!
Special Gear Summon - Absolute Conquest
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 13th 23:59(CDT)
Summon Details: During the event period, you'll have an increased chance of summoning SSR gear Amazonian Power, Glory of the Dead, Stellaris Robe & God Slayer!
Amazonian Power
Guardian, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger
[Trait - Wild Instinct]
Before taking action, gains [Wild Instinct], disappears after taking action. When taking damage from a critical hit, gains [Wild Heart].
[Wild Instinct] : DMG Bonus +20%, STR/INT +12%, and cannot be dispelled.
[Wild Heart] : The next time the hero takes a critical hit, receives no critical damage, and cannot be dispelled.
[Rebirth - Enrage]
Artifact Summoning - Hades's Awakening
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 13th 23:59(CDT)
Summon Details: As a dormant artifact awakens, Hades searches his soul to uncover a new power! During the event period, you'll be able to summon Hades's Shards, Artifact Shards, Talisman, Holy Crystals, and other upgrade materials! When summoning a certain number of times, you can earn Hades's Artifact Mold.
>> Limited-Time Event:
Colorful Crystal Ball
Start Time:  September 7th 04:00 (CDT) - September 13th 23:59(CDT)
Event Details: During the event period, make a wish before the Colorful Crystal Ball to receive special rewards! Atum's exclusive Poem of the Nile costume is waiting for you!
>>Value Packs—On Sale for a Limited Time!
Sale Time:   September 7th 04:00 (CDT)
[Rapid Crystal Pack] Contains Random Crystal Pack and Rapid Crystal Selection Pack. Limited to 1 purchase only! 
[Brutal Crystal Pack] Contains Brutal Crystal Selection Pack and Gold. Limited to 1 purchase only!
[Limited-time Summoner Pack] Contains Genesis Tarot. Limited to 1 purchase only!
[Guiding Light Pack] Contains Genesis Tarot, Hammer of Creation and Gold. Limited to 2 purchases!
[Gear Fusion Bundle] Contains Exquisite SSR Gear Pack, Dream Dust and Gold. Limited to 2 purchases!
[Astral Light Pack] Contains SSR Artifact Stone Pack, SSR Gem Pack and Gold. Limited to 1 purchase only!
[Star Sign Selection Pack] Contains Gem Set Selection Pack and Starstones. Limited to 2 purchases!