Novice Adventurer's Guide

2020-10-10 04:42:09
This land is brimming with untold legends, and those of you who have just stepped into this world for the first time may find yourselves somewhat overwhelmed. This adventurer's guide is for you—provided by the Holy Court to help you on your journey.
1. Normal and Elite difficulty Adventure stages grant huge first-clearance bonuses, battle trophy rewards, and chapter chest rewards. As your journey progresses, you'll earn a large number of Starstones and Destiny Tarot from Adventure stages, which you can use to summon powerful SR and SSR heroes. Storm your way through stages, and aim to complete each chapter with the maximum amount of stars to grow stronger and stronger!
2. Clear Adventure stage 4-5 to unlock the Astral Shore dungeon. Challenging this dungeon will earn you loads of equipment upgrade materials, and you'll also have a chance to get super-rare equipment and gems, allowing you to quickly improve the strength of your entire team.
3. Challenge mode grants Daily Supreme Rewards. Overcome challenge stages in this mode and you can get even more super-rare rewards. Daily Supreme Rewards are limited, so do your best to take on the highest difficulty you can manage!
4. The first few days of your adventure will be full of wonder and exploration, and so the Holy Court will send a reliable Guardian hero, Poseidon, to help keep you safe as you navigate this new land. You'll receive him on the second day you log in!