Important Tips for New Adventurers

2020-10-10 04:42:32
Follow these crucial adventure tips to the letter and you'll find yourself ahead of the pack in no time!
• After logging into the game, please follow the tutorial missions first. You'll get to claim all the special reward items, including "Destiny Tarot", after you finish the beginner missions.
• Use the "Destiny Tarot" for a chance to summon an SSR hero. The first batch of heroes you summon determines your starting lineup.
• You can use delicious dishes to level up your heroes!
• Hero Shards of the same type can be used to upgrade the Star Levels of your heroes. Through this method, heroes who were initially SSR and SR grade can be evolved into UR heroes, and R grade heroes can be evolved into SSR heroes!
• Join Guilds to learn powerful abilities that will benefit all your heroes!