[Holy Court Guide] Breaking Through the Endless Corridor: 3 Water Element Enemy Strategy

2021-03-09 21:27:47

Chosen Ones, if you're struggling with the Endless Corridor, today's guide may just help you—if you're up against an enemy lineup with 3 Water element heroes, you can try the following lineup and strategy!

[Battle Strategy]
Mary, Poseidon, and Gabriel are three of the most troublesome heroes on the Water stage, and many players who don't have Tears of the Nile often die in the first round because they can't control Mary. In fact, this lineup is not so difficult to deal with. The recommended lineup here is an Artemis, Lancelot, and Medusa control strategy.

[Lineup Formation]
Recommended Combat Heroes: Artemis, Medusa, Lancelot, Lucifer, and Hades.
Supporters: Gabriel, Marco Polo, and Sariel & Sera.
Tips: Lucifer (Lilith Assist), Artemis (Mary Assist), and other assist heroes can be used depending on the situation.

The most important feature of this lineup is control. Therefore, for Medusa and Marco Polo, you should focus on improving their ACC to ensure the hit rate of their control effects and thus improving your chances of clearing the stage.