Goddess of Genesis S Launches Today!

2020-11-10 07:50:00


ZLONGAME's 3D anime mobile game Goddess of Genesis officially launches today! You can now download the game via the App Store or Google Play—just tap to download and claim your exclusive launch bonuses, including a free 10x summon!  In Goddess of Genesis, you'll embark on a perilous journey through Asgard as the "Chosen One", and summon heroes to aid you in saving the world! A super-high SSR summoning rate lets you easily summon rare and powerful heroes to break through the shackles of fate! Goddess of Genesis S has been available in China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and other countries for some time now, achieving remarkable results.
Tap to Download Goddess of Genesis S>>http://gogs.zlongame.com/
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Famous Heroes of History Unite! A High-Definition Fantasy World of Adventure

Goddess of Genesis S presents a beautiful high-definition 3D world of adventure spanning a holy and majestic empire, the comfortable confines of a cozy tavern, the snow-covered reaches of the north, and many more mystical locales! Begin your journey in this beautiful world, now! Gabriel, Hades, Marco Polo, Snow White, and many more characters you know and love are reborn with a new and dynamic appearance—summon them to aid you in your quest to eliminate a dark conspiracy from the world!
Free-Friendly Summoning Rate—Upgrade R Heroes to SSR and Watch Your Combat Power Soar!
Goddess of Genesis S' ultra-high SSR summoning rate allows you to quickly summon all of your favorite heroes! The heroes in the game are divided into R, SR, and SSR rarities. SSR heroes are of the highest rarity. By collecting hero fragments, even R heroes can be advanced to SSR rarity, causing their stats to increase massively!
Elemental Countering System—Countless Battle Lineup Options
Each hero has their own unique role in combat, and matching certain hero skills and specialties will enable you to create an original and powerful lineup! Each hero in the game is imbued with the power of one of five elements—Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Shadow. These elements counter each other in different ways, so you'll need to consider the elements of your heroes, in addition to their classes.